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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors

Things to Ask Yourself Prior to a Skip Bin Rental

by Dustin Cruz

If you are contemplating a large job such as a renovation, clean-up or move, you will likely need to rent a skip bin, which is a large waste container available in multiple sizes to match your needs. If you have never rented a skip bin before, here are some important questions to ask yourself to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Where Can You Put the Skip Bin?

Although this may seem like an obvious question, the reason you need to think about this beforehand is that unless you rent a mobile skip bin, or you obtain a special permit, you can't place a standard skip bin on a footpath or any public walkway, because it impedes pedestrian traffic. If space limitations require you to place the skip bin on a public walkway, you will either have to pay the skip bin hire company to obtain the permit, or you will have to obtain the permit on your own, which will cost you more money.

Remember also that if you rent a standard skip bin and change your mind about where you need it placed, you will have to contact the skip bin company to dispatch a delivery driver to move the skip bin, which will also incur an additional fee.

Do You Need a Skip Bin With Doors? 

A standard skip bin is configured exactly like a waste container provided by your local council, which means you can only dump waste by lifting it above the rim of the bin. This may not be the most practical way for your project, so you may want to rent a skip bin that features doors that open up and allow you to step into the bin with a dolly or wheelbarrow. A door-equipped skip bin can make your dumping proceed at a much faster rate, so this is an important thing to remember before you make your choice.

Does any Waste Qualify for Disposal into the Skip Bin? 

Nearly every skip bin hire company has strict rules about what kind of waste you can throw into the bins. Typically, you are not permitted to dispose of any liquids into the bin, which includes paints, paint thinner, paint remover, oil, pesticides, herbicides, petrol and any other kind of liquid-based chemical.

You are also not allowed to throw any product that contains asbestos, nor can you dispose of electronic equipment such as computers, radios, TVs or large appliances. If you dispose of any material that is considered hazardous, you will incur a fee, which can be quite considerable and is written into the language of your rental agreement. To learn more about your options, contact companies like Advance Waste Disposal.