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Hi, my name is Amber, and I have worked alongside of contractors for years. I ran the sales department of a contracting firm, I bought my own house and hired multiple contractors to help with projects, and I am an amateur researcher of all things related to contracting. If you are thinking about a home or commercial repair or refurbishment, this blog is for you. It has designs, inspiration and advice that I have picked up from my close relationships with contractors over the year. I hope these posts illuminate your next project and help you decide which direction to take your home or business.

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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors


Reasons Why Seal Coating Is Absolutely Necessary For Your Concrete

For many homeowners, there are certain building supplies they cannot go without. Concrete is often a go-to building supply for paving solutions in and around their home. Concrete is particularly ubiquitous in areas such as driveways, pools, walkways, kerbing and more. Nonetheless, the high resilience of concrete that makes it withstand high traffic does not make it immune to acquiring damage over the years. Simply because the wear and tear is unavoidable does not mean you cannot take measures to delay the damage.