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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors

Reasons Why Seal Coating Is Absolutely Necessary For Your Concrete

by Dustin Cruz

For many homeowners, there are certain building supplies they cannot go without. Concrete is often a go-to building supply for paving solutions in and around their home. Concrete is particularly ubiquitous in areas such as driveways, pools, walkways, kerbing and more. Nonetheless, the high resilience of concrete that makes it withstand high traffic does not make it immune to acquiring damage over the years. Simply because the wear and tear is unavoidable does not mean you cannot take measures to delay the damage. One of the easiest maintenance steps that you could take for your concrete flooring is seal coating. The following are some of the reasons why seal coating is absolutely necessary for your concrete flooring.

Seal coating will slow down the development of cracks

One of the biggest enemies of concrete  is cracks. No matter how impeccably the concrete was laid, Mother Nature will eventually take action and cause the degradation of your concrete floors. Firstly, the standard shifting of the earth will invariably cause movement in the concrete, which would lead to hairline cracks forming. Secondly, the constant exposure to the elements will cause the surface of the concrete to deteriorate, which can result in large potholes on your property. If you would like to slow down this degradation, you should invest in seal coating on a routine basis. The seal coating functions to provide a protective barrier against the weather changes, so your paving stays pristine for longer. Moreover, the seal coating can also reinforce the strength of the concrete, making it less susceptible to structural damage.

Seal coating will prevent premature fading

Currently, there is a vast range of decorative concrete options that you could choose to enhance the kerb appeal of your home. Nevertheless, decorative concrete is only appealing if the surface of the concrete remains intact. If your stained concrete paving is not protected from the elements, the surface will eventually start to break down. As a result, you would find you require concrete resurfacing after a short while. By opting for seal coating, the concrete gets a protective layer against ultraviolet exposure, precipitation as well as ice. Thus, the vibrant colours on the decorative concrete stay intact for a prolonged period, saving you the cost of unnecessary repairs and touch-ups.

Seal coating keeps your concrete stain-free

No matter where concrete is installed on your property, it will be vulnerable to staining. From grass stains to car oil spills, stains can significantly alter the appearance of your concrete and negatively affect the visual appeal of your home. Seal coating ensures that your concrete paving is impermeable, making it highly stain-resistant while also making it much easier to clean too!