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Hi, my name is Amber, and I have worked alongside of contractors for years. I ran the sales department of a contracting firm, I bought my own house and hired multiple contractors to help with projects, and I am an amateur researcher of all things related to contracting. If you are thinking about a home or commercial repair or refurbishment, this blog is for you. It has designs, inspiration and advice that I have picked up from my close relationships with contractors over the year. I hope these posts illuminate your next project and help you decide which direction to take your home or business.

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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors

Renters: Five Ways to Make Your Windows More Secure Without Making Permanent Modifications

by Dustin Cruz

Making your windows more secure can involve replacing the glass, adding metal bars or making other permanent changes to your windows. However, if you are a renter and not allowed to make permanent changes to your windows, none of these security options are viable. Luckily, there are things you can do to secure your windows without modifying them or using tools at all:

1. Add window security film

If you want an extra layer of security on your windows, consider adding a layer of window security film. This film adheres to your windows, and it creates a protective layer that cannot easily be broken.

When you are ready to move out of your apartment, you can easily unstick the security film from your windows, or you can ask your landlord if he or she would like you to leave it there for the next tenant.

2. Maintain the landscaping

If you rent a house and you are responsible for maintaining the landscaping, pay close attention to the trees and bushes near your windows. If you want secure windows, cut bushes near ground floor windows so thieves have nowhere to hide, and make sure you don't have tree branches hitting upper floor windows either.

If you live in a flat and you are not responsible for landscaping maintenance, contact the landlord or maintenance person for your facility and let them know which trees or shrubs are worrying you.

3. Use a dowel

If your windows open to the side, you can create a makeshift lock with a dowel. Simply lay the dowel in the tracts of the window. Now, when someone tries to push open the window, the dowel will stop them.

If they then get mad and try to break the window, the security film will stop them.

4. Hang a security sticker

Although it is not foolproof, the right warning stickers can help to deter thieves. Consider putting a sticker on your window that says you have a security system, a sticker saying "beware of dog" or a sticker promoting the local neighbourhood watch.

If a thief believes that you have a security system, a guard dog or a bunch of concerned neighbours, he or she may not even try to open your window. If you decide to add both window security film and stickers, put on the film first. Otherwise, the stickers will make it hard to apply the film smoothly.

5. Close the blinds

It may sound overly simplistic, but simply hiding your possessions behind curtains or blinds can be effective at deterring theft. If you have a big screen TV next to your apartment window, don't advertise that fact with an open window. Instead, use blinds or curtains to give your possessions a bit of privacy.