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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors

How Does It Work? | Understanding Gas Ducted Heating

by Dustin Cruz

You have most likely heard about gas ducted heating systems and wondered how they work and whether they can work for your home. Well, in this article, get the low down on what a gas ducted system is, how it works, and how you can configure one to meet your personal heating requirements at home.

The heating system infrastructure

The infrastructure of a gas ducted heating system is similar to that of other ducted air conditioning systems. The system consists of insulated ducts laid out across the ceiling or floor. These ducts direct heated air to the various designated rooms or sections of your home. Like with other ducted air conditioning systems, you can divide your home into virtual zones featuring one or more duct outlets. At the end of each duct there is an air outlet grille cleverly affixed on the floor or wall.

The air intake unit is centrally located in the house on the ceiling. It collects cold air from the house and channels it to the heating unit. The heating unit, also called the furnace, is powered by gas, hence the name of the system. This furnace can be installed on the roof, floor or outside the house. Air is heated in the furnace and blown to different parts of the house via the insulated ducts. The heated air then enters your rooms via the wall or floor grilles, gently warming your house evenly.

Energy supply and consumption

As mentioned above, gas ducted heating systems are powered by gas. The gas supply is branched from your main gas line. However, this heating system does not have to use natural gas only. It can also be configured to run on LPG. You can choose whichever of the two you prefer. This will depend on costs and availability of each within your area.

Customising your gas ducted heating system

You can enjoy tailoring your ducted gas heating system in a number of ways. For one, you can shut off hot air supply to dormant rooms or 'zones'. For example, you can heat only the downstairs of your house during the day and warm the bedrooms only in the evening at night. This will allow you to maximise hot air supply in the active rooms. It will also reduce energy wastage in the unused rooms. You can also control the amount of hot air you want by lowering and raising the heating power in tune with the indoor temperature of your home.

So why go for a gas ducted heating system? Well, it provides even heating throughout your home in a quiet, clean and very energy-efficient manner. So why not?