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Hi, my name is Amber, and I have worked alongside of contractors for years. I ran the sales department of a contracting firm, I bought my own house and hired multiple contractors to help with projects, and I am an amateur researcher of all things related to contracting. If you are thinking about a home or commercial repair or refurbishment, this blog is for you. It has designs, inspiration and advice that I have picked up from my close relationships with contractors over the year. I hope these posts illuminate your next project and help you decide which direction to take your home or business.

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Designs, Inspiration, Advice and More from Contractors

4 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Home

by Dustin Cruz

Using natural stone in the construction or design of your home provides you with eco-friendly materials that are durable and long-lasting. There are a lot of different types of stone to choose, such as granite, marble, and limestone. You can also go with other stone like onyx, slate, travertine, and sandstone, depending on the look you are going for and what your budget is. Here are some different uses for natural stonework in your home.

Exterior Construction

First of all, just about all exterior building materials on your home can use natural stone. You can have the walls, window frames and ledges, even the doors made from natural stone. While this is not only a cost-effective way to build certain parts of your home, it also provides a natural appearance that is hard to mimic with other materials. Stone can also handle a lot of extreme weather conditions, which is another bonus of using this material. You can also use them on your property, but not necessarily your home, such as a fence, gate, or well in front of your home.

Fireplace and Mantle

Inside your home, there are even more possibilities for using natural stone. Some stone is used while in more of its natural form, such as with your fireplace. You can use large chunks of stone and use it as bricks for the fireplace design. You can also use a variety of different stone for a unique look, such as getting the green shade from granite and tan colour from sandstone to combine together for a natural look on your fireplace and mantle.


One of the more popular options for natural stone inside your home is to have benchtops made. You can either get a manufactured benchtop using natural stone or hire a stoneworker to have it custom-made. The latter is a good option if you want to use stone that isn't readily available, or if you need an odd size you can't find in local hardware stores. With the countertops, the stone is usually sealed to avoid severe scratching or staining, since some stone can get stained easily.


Some stone is preferred when putting in a high-end tile floor in your home. If you have a luxury home, it doesn't get much better than marble. However, travertine, sandstone, and even slate are also popular options for more of a high-end flooring option inside the home. Also consider alternating tiles with different shades and grains of the stone for a unique look.